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Main menu:, 360º product photography,  and a cup NOT for sale!
Here's an eye opener, a cup (or any product) can now be viewed in 360º on eBay®.

See it here on

Awakening a new way eBay buyers and sellers see products online, now you can sell more online with amazing Royalty-Free 360º product photography for your web site and eBay®.

How it works
You send your products.
We photograph them.
You products are returned.
TIP: If it is only one cup or other standard product, we just might shoot it and send a link for your preview, no questions asked!

If your package contains various articles or products we will be in touch to discuss the standard 50/50 terms of payment, discounts for quantity, and super fast delivery times.

Then we photograph your products and give them that all too cool, 360º buzz in one of our studios.

During the shoot you can view the product shots as they are taken and saved.
This live preview is available using a private link you will receive in an email.
This link contains the files to the preview of all your product shots available in DropBox.

Once the shoot is finished, you will receive an email requiring your payment.

Prepaid orders and confirmed payments receive an email containing a link to all the original files with no watermark.

Your files include the 360° animation in HTML 5, with the 12 individual shots at 72 and 300 dpi.

An optional Zoom and QR Code available at no additional charge.
Here is a demo file.

An eye opener,
Every 360° shot always exceeds eBay, Amazon,
and other online retailers requirements for product photography.
  • 2D products will fill 85% or more of the image frame.
  • The full product will be in frame.
  • Backgrounds will be pure white* (RGB 255,255,255).

* Images are not edited using Photoshop.
* On certain products glamour shadows, front / bottom, may be present.
A video showing how to put your 360° product shots on eBay® is included with every purchase.
360 Shots and Extras
Retakes are rare because our 360º photography is so detailed. If a detail or error does originate and the fault is from our studio, we will be more than happy to do a re-take free.

Once the shoot is finished, we will ship your products back to you if a prepaid return shipping slip is included.
Alternatively, return shipping fees can be included on your invoice before the job is started.
Our shipping addresses are available in Canada and Mexico.

Contact us here at before buying any 360º shot.

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